Here is a testimonial from one of our patents / wellness team members regarding chiropractic and infants:

baby chiropractic“My son Jacob was delivered via vacuum extraction and the first thing that came to my mind was concern for the amount of strain it would have on his neck and body. The first few nights were rough because Jacob wasn’t sleeping well. He would literally wake up every hour and was having a hard time staying asleep. At four days old I took him to see Dr. Elton for his first Chiropractic adjustment. Immediately after the adjustment, Jacob slept through the entire afternoon and was also sleeping much better at night without waking up. Dr. Zaker did a follow up adjustment and Jacob has continued to improve in his sleep pattern.”

-Sylvie X.


The physical stress of childbirth can be very damaging to the baby’s musculoskeletal system.  The results of this are often aches, pains and headaches, caused by pinched or damaged nerves.  The result is a baby the cries for hours and sleeps very little.  Although the cause of colicky babies has yet to be identified, most chiropractors will agree that baby colic can be effectively treated by chiropractic adjustments.