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Did you know 77% of those treated consider chiropractic care incredibly effective? In Long Lake, the quest for effective care and overall wellness finds a trusted ally at The Brost Clinic. Here, chiropractic in Long Lake isn’t just about treatment; it’s about transforming lives.

Our clinic is part of an industry valued at over $15 billion nationwide. Hence, your well-being matters to us. We tailor modern techniques to fit your unique needs because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to health.

Erase discomfort and enhance life—all here with us. Striving for peak performance or yearning for daily comfort? Our doors are open; book today! Your journey towards optimal health starts right here, in the heart of Long Lake.

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Our Chiropractic Services in Long Lake

When you step through our doors, wellness awaits. At The Brost Clinic in the Long Lake area, we’re not just easing pain but enhancing your quality of life. Our chiropractic services span all spectrums, from precise adjustments to innovative non-surgical techniques.

Feel the difference with acupuncture or get tailored nutritional advice that fits your lifestyle. Experiencing spine troubles? Our disc decompression treatment is gentle yet effective—no surgery is involved! For those on their feet often, custom foot orthotics offer a world of comfort.

We even handle DOT exams right here in Long Lake for busy professionals on the go. And because care should never be out of reach, our services are compatible with many insurance policies – affordability meets excellence with our WellCare Plan.

Welcome to health made simple and delightful at every turn – let’s rediscover vitality together!

Back Pain Treatment

If back pain shadows your days, hope is here. In 2020 alone, over 619 million felt this burden worldwide—a number set to rise by 2050. Accordingly, our experts provide care that counts; they know backs and how to mend them gently. Achieve lasting relief and embrace wellness wholeheartedly with our targeted back pain treatments—your spine will thank you for choosing us.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can truly be a nuisance, right? Say goodbye to that nagging ache. Our chiropractors stand ready with solutions to relieve your discomfort swiftly. From sports strain to desk-job distress, we map out your route back to pain-free living, setting you up on the road toward recovery and comfort. 


Feeling that sharp leg tingle? Sciatica might be the culprit. Our chiropractic experts can deftly address this nerve nuisance with precision and care. Choose non-surgical relief; regain your freedom from the grip of pain without going under the knife. Walk, run, and live – unshackled from sciatic constraints.

Headache Treatment

Are relentless headaches dimming your days? With 52% of people globally suffering from the same issue, you’re not alone. We provide chiropractic care that targets the root cause for enduring relief. Ditch temporary fixes, embrace our drug-free solutions, and let those headache days become a memory of the past.

Lower Extremity Pain

You should not allow discomfort in your lower extremities prevent you from living life to the fullest. So, if you are experiencing pain in your legs, hips, knees, or feet, we can help you feel better and get back on your feet. You can recover and get back to your normal routine with our assistance. Now is the time to get the best treatment for your lower extremities.

Upper Extremity Pain

Don’t let shoulder, elbow, and wrist pains become a burden. The Brost Clinic can eliminate them all with our chiropractic mastery. We provide expert alignment care to ease pressure and pain. Journey back to optimum health with us; upper extremity relief is just an appointment away. Feel the freedom of movement once again!

Car Accident Injury

Post-accident aches shouldn’t bring you down. Our chiropractic specialists tackle car injury fallout head-on. Whiplash? We’ve got you covered there as well. Our adjustments recalibrate your body to dull pain, quell inflammation, and kickstart healing naturally. Don’t wait – early intervention can steer away chronic discomfort for good.


Experience the relief that acupuncture remedies can bring you. Our chiropractors masterfully wield this ancient art for deep healing. It unveils and treats hidden ailments beyond conventional scope. Experience the profound benefits of these fine needles right here, where tradition meets modern care with pinpoint precision.

Massage Therapy

Melt into serenity with massage therapy that promotes muscle tissue healing. Our therapists skillfully dissolve your muscle knots, ushering in unparalleled relaxation. Athletes and desk-jockeys alike find solace under our healing hands. Pain fades; relaxation blossoms. Your ticket to tranquility is just a booking away.


As healing progresses, proper rehabilitation is necessary . Carefully crafted to your needs, our exercise plans rebuild strength and restore harmony. Guided by expert trainers, regain freedom through stretches that target pain at its core. Rehab isn’t just about enhancing recovery; it’s a tailored path back to balanced wellness.

Spinal Decompression

Say farewell to back and neck agony with our advanced spinal decompression. Pioneering in Minnesota, we bring you the breakthrough DRX-9000 therapy—your non-surgical passport to comfort. The success rate of decompression for reducing pain and improving life quality ranges from 40% to an impressive 86%. Experience this fusion of science and solace; stand tall against spinal woes!


Embark on your journey to wellness in Long Lake with The Brost Clinic. Our team crafts health experiences, not just treatments—where every solution is centered around you. Combat pain, foster preventative care, and achieve specific health milestones; our doors are open for all your unique health requirements.

Tailored plans and precise adjustments await to harmonize your body’s rhythm and cement enduring vitality. Ready to take the leap towards sustained well-being? Reach out now – let’s craft a healthier tomorrow together! Visit our website today and become part of a community that thrives on feeling great every day.

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