After Car Accident Chiropractor: Why You Need To See One

Seeking medical Chiropractor treatment after you have been in a car accident is the first thing you should do. In most cases, accident victims are taken to the emergency room to be assessed for injuries and to receive treatment to help them recover. Going through these steps after a car accident is important regardless of whether or not you believe you have been injured or don’t think that the minor injuries you sustained require medical attention. This is because some injuries can take hours or, in some cases, days to begin to hurt.

Understanding these factors is crucial for your well-being after being in a car accident. Simply put, you cannot afford to take such events lightly regardless of how minor you think they are. Furthermore, taking the appropriate steps can help save your life and ensure that you do not suffer any long-term effects.

Do I Need To See A Chiropractor After A Car Accident?

Even though you may eventually need to see a chiropractor after a car accident to help with some of the injuries you suffered as a result of the ordeal, it is still important that you go to your general doctor or your primary physician to undergo a complete body assessment. They will be able to inform you whether or not you need to pay a visit to a chiropractor who can assist you with your car injuries.

That said, it is usually recommended that victims of car accidents see a chiropractor within 72 hours of them visiting their primary doctor. In addition to the physical benefits, doing so will also prove crucial when the time comes for you to make your insurance claim for injuries and medical bills.  

Some car accident injuries requiring chiropractic care can have long-term effects on your body if not remedied quickly or properly. The truth is that even the slightest fender bender can result in injuries like chronic pain in the future that can be very costly and troublesome. They include the following:

  • Back, neck, and spine injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Injuries to ligaments
  • Chronic soreness

Out of the injuries mentioned above, whiplash is one of the most common reasons why people seek chiropractic care after a car accident. Sometimes, whiplash symptoms can take up to 2 days to be felt. Therefore, even if you don’t feel pain or discomfort immediately after a car accident, having a chiropractor or doctor assess you can help reveal some hidden issues. That said, some of the main symptoms of whiplash include:


Do I Need A Chiropractic Adjustment After A Car Accident?

We can all agree that a car accident is the last thing anyone wants to happen to them. Adding a car wreck to your already stressful routine can lead to more pressure and anxiety, which is never a good situation. Also, car accident injuries will often disrupt someone’s life, forcing them to do things they were not prepared for, like taking time off work or losing the strength and ability to perform certain tasks. 

One of the biggest questions most people have after being in a car accident is where they should go to get treatment. As mentioned, your primary physician should be your first stop. However, going to see a chiropractor for an adjustment is also important. They can help to relieve pain you didn’t even know about and help prevent different kinds of discomfort that may present themselves in the future. 


If you have been the victim of a car accident or automobile collision, you should not be surprised if you begin to experience back pain and you should see a chiropractor for car accident immidiately. This may occur immediately after the accident for some people, but for others, such discomfort may present itself a few hours, days, or even weeks after the event. Most medical practitioners will tell you that it is not uncommon for accident injury pain to be delayed. There have even been reports of individuals who seemed to have walked away totally unscathed from a car accident but only to start experiencing discomfort a couple of days later. This is usually the result of adrenaline rushing through the body, which helps mask any pain.

The Brost Clinic offers car accident victims the highest quality chiropractic and natural health services designed to help alleviate pain. If you have recently been in an accident or know someone who has, feel free to reach out to us today. We are here to help.

Chiropractic Adjustment

The Average Cost of Chiropractic Adjustment

Over the years, chiropractors have managed to treat countless individuals for aches and pains. The stats show that approximately half of the adults in the U.S. have paid a visit to these licensed professionals. At the same time, a further two-thirds believe that chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate back pain.

Different studies and reports also suggest that chiropractic adjustment, particularly spinal manipulation, is a relatively effective and safe, non-drug intervention treatment option for those suffering from lower back pain, especially when combined with standard medical care. 

What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a manual therapy performed by a licensed chiropractor or doctor, which typically involves spinal manipulation.

Over the years, chiropractors have had to deal with a lot of stigmas surrounding their profession since it began in 1895. Things got worse in 1963 when the AMA (American Medical Association) formed a committee on quackery to help contain or eliminate chiropractic care and asked its members not to associate with the practitioners.

Despite there being some stigma associated with the chiropractic practices in certain circles, things have significantly changed, especially within the medical fraternity.Today, spinal manipulation is now viewed as an effective and safe treatment for chronic lower back pain


What Is The Cost Of Getting Adjusted By A Chiropractor? 

Individuals from all walks of life can benefit from a chiropractic adjustment ranging from business executives to stay-at-home mums. This is because some of the daily tasks we perform can often lead to wear and tear on our bodies, meaning that you will not always be able to perform at your very best. 

Receiving a full-body adjustment can correct improper body mechanics, promote better posture, and help with chronic pain management. It can also help resolve your walking gait, improve performance in terms of exercise, and provide lasting comfort from different kinds of aches and pains.

That said, most people want to know how much it costs to get a full-body adjustment from a chiropractor. The answer to this question will depend on several factors, including the practitioner’s experience and whether your insurance can pay for the treatment.

When you go to most online sites, you will see that the average cost for a full-body adjustment by a chiropractor can range from $34 to $106.

The location of the facility you are visiting can also affect the cost of your chiropractic adjustment. If you reside in an urban area, you can expect to pay less as there will be more practitioners to choose from. However, it is essential that you don’t make the price your sole consideration when making your decision, but rather the quality of service and the experience of the practitioner. 

Another good thing about chiropractic adjustment care is that many insurance companies are beginning to adopt chiropractic care packages into their policies, which can help you save some money.  

What to Look For In a Chiropractic Practitioner

As mentioned, when picking your chiropractic practitioner, you must look at several critical elements, some of which include credentials and experience. You should ensure that your chiropractor has all the relevant certifications, like a license to practice in the state. Experience is another crucial factor since training involves a stringent process and requires many hours of education and training. 

Like with most other services, you will need to ask around. You can talk to family, friends, or former patients to get an idea of what kind of services a particular chiropractor offers. You can also check with other practitioners in the area to see whether yours has a good reputation among their local professional community. 

Another way of checking a practitioner’s credentials is to review some of their accolades or that of their facility. Even though this is not a make or break aspect, the key is to ensure they have the necessary experience when it comes to caring for patients, athletes, families, and other patients. 

In Summary

As mentioned, the average chiropractic adjustment cost will depend on several factors. Nonetheless, you have to select a professional who can do the job effectively and has unmatched experience. If you are in search of a wayzata chiropractors, with a trusted reputation, you should check out the Brost Chiropractic Clinic. Over the years, we have worked with patients from all walks of life and are trusted by our patients to offer the best chiropractic treatment every time. So call us today to book an appointment or if you want to learn more about our chiropractic adjustment services. We are here to help.

stop chronic pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain is the third most common chronic pain condition in the United States. It isn’t just a pain in the neck .It can have devastating effects on your daily life, work experience and over all physical well being.

Neck pain can occur at any age and can have many causes:  muscle strain from exercise or sports, sleeping wrong and waking up with a “wry neck”, whip-lash injuries resulting from a car accident or neglected, untreated accidents or injuries earlier in life.

Neck pain is not infrequently also associated with headaches or migraines or symptoms in shoulders, arms and hands.

Minor neck problems often resolve in accouple of days with rest and stretches. Persisting or more severe pain should be treated, to not develop into chronic or more severe conditions.

The cervical spine (neck) consists of seven vertebrae with disks in between each segment. The cervical spine encases the brain stem and the cervical part of the spinal cord. Between each vertebral segment there are nerve roots that exit and supply and control the function of the face, neck and arms. The cervical spine is a very delicate structure that is surrounded by muscles to allow for mobility and support. Treatment of the cervical spine should only be done by experienced health care professionals.

If you struggle with neck pain, weather it is chronic or an new injury, you can be confident that you are in good hands at The Brost Clinic. We are  experts at diagnosing neck conditions and can suggest a treatment plan to correct the problem instead of covering up the symptoms with potentially harmful drugs. We work with you to minimize your symptoms and support your body’s natural healing process.

Don’t put off getting help. Life is much more fun without neck pain!

-Dr. Barbro Brost D.C.

Feet – Your Body’s Foundation

Feet are often ignored when it comes to health care, but they can be an underlying

cause of many health problems and musculoskeletal conditions.

Your feet have three archers, the medial, lateral, and metatarsal arch. As we age, and

especially with weight gain, these arches tend to collapse. This causes stressful weight bearing

on all of the small joints in your feet and also sets the stage for plantar fasciitis and the

development of bunions. To keep your feet happy, custom-made arch supports or orthotics are

recommended for most people over 40 and for anyone that is overweight or has a job where

they are on their feet all day.

Pronation or decreased archers, also can gradually undermine the alignment and create

stress on your knee and hip joints. This can eventually lead to knee and hip joint degeneration

and arthritis.

So, be kind to your feet! Wear good shoes and get a computerized foot scan to evaluate

the need for custom-made shoe supports. Orthotics can prevent many painful conditions and

allow for an active lifestyle, which helps your overall health!


-Dr. Barbro Brost D.C.

Why everyone with a spine needs a chiropractor!

image of chiropractors at the beach
Dr. Shawn Sailer with his son, Cole, nephew, Kai, and brother-in-law, Alex Brost.

Just like anyone with teeth needs a dentist, to examine for cavities before they develop into a bad toothache, anyone with a spine needs a chiropractor to examine and treat spinal decay or misalignments before it develops into severe problems that can lead to pain, decreased mobility and possible need for surgeries.

If you stop and think about it, your teeth can be replaced and we can live without them, but you can not live without your spine and it can not be replaced! Your spine is what holds up your body, allows you to move and bend and twist and it houses and protects your spinal cord, which is the lifeline and communication highway between the brain and all your different body parts and systems.

Spinal misalignments can be caused by repetitive stress, injuries, bad ergonomics and mini traumas throughout life.

Misalignments cause decreased mobility and leads to degenerative changes (osteoarthritis) in the small joints between the vertebrae. It also gradually leads to disc degeneration and weakening of the discs, which sets the stage for disc herniations. Much suffering from stiffness, pain and decreased function as people age can be prevented by regular chiropractic checkups and care.

If you have never experienced chiropractic healthcare – now is the time! Taking pain pills to cover up pain and discomfort does nothing to correct the underlying problem and allows the situation to gradually worsen. Side effects of long-term medication use is also a problem.

Chiropractors have the same amount of education as a medical physician but the focus is on helping the body to heal naturally, without pharmaceuticals and surgeries. The human body is a self-healing mechanism if in a harmonious state with a freely operating nervous system, without interference by misalignments. A well-adjusted body is a happy and healthy body!

-Dr. Barbro Brost D.C.

Goodbye Covid

chiropractic springOver two years of disruptions to our lives are finally coming to an end. Most people are vaccinated or have acquired natural immunity by catching the virus. Herd immunity has been reached and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Restrictions are gradually being dropped, masks are disappearing and life can start to return to normal. Many lessons have been learned and studies are continuing to be released.

One of the main lessons is that people, that take good care of themselves and their health, were much less at risk than people that are overweight and suffer from chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

It is important that we remember and learn from these lessons and continue to take responsibility for our personal health, since new viruses will always develop in the future. The healthier your body is and the more resilient your immune system, the better you can survive any future diseases.

Eating healthy: lots of vegetables, fruit, berries, and lean protein is a good foundation. Taking nutritional supplements to promote good immune function and general health is more important than ever.

Regular exercise at least 3 times a week, should be part of everyone’s schedule, especially since sitting in front of the computer is often unavoidable in our daily lives. As spring gets here, go out for walks and breathe fresh air!

Water is an important component of a health regimen. About 3 quarts a day is a good guideline. Remember that your body’s composition is 70% water!

And last, but not least, regular chiropractic checkups and adjustments ensure that your brain which controls everything in your body, can communicate freely with all your organs, glands, and tissues, through your spinal cord without interference. Subluxations (misalignments) in your spine disrupts this important communication pathway and leads to less optimal functions. Removing subluxations restores optimal function.

A well-adjusted body is a healthy, happy body!

Dr. Barbo Brost, Chiropractor

Winter Injuries

The white Minnesota winter can be beautiful on a cold, sunny day. A winter sunrise over Wayzata Bay is something to behold! But winter can also be dangerous. Slippery roads and icy walk ways set the stage for both slip and fall injuries and car accidents. Shoveling snow is tough on your back, even starting a snow blower can cause a back injury. Ice skating is fun but a fall on the hard ice can cause damage. Sledding down a hill, hitting bumps can cause back and neck injuries, especially for parents and grandparents who try to keep up with their kids! Skiing or snowboarding is great exercise but, again, if you fall, you can get hurt.

IMG 8475We clearly can’t live in fear of possible injuries. We need to get out to enjoy and have fun in the snow! But, if injuries happen know that good chiropractic care can help speed up the healing process!

If you hurt after shoveling snow, have a fall or end up in a car accident, the team of chiropractors at The Brost Clinic have your back! We have the experience and the equipment to get you back to feeling good again.

If you have a car accident, even a fender bender or a slip and fall, getting in or out of your vehicle, you are covered for any resulting care needed under your car insurance policy in Minnesota. We always recommend an exam even for minor injuries, since they can develop into more severe problems if untreated.

So, enjoy the snow and the beautiful winter season with the comfort of knowing that we are here to help if you should need us!

-Dr. Barbro Brost D.C.

Car Accident Injuries

car accident chiropractorDid you know that in Minnesota your car insurance, by law, has to cover treatments of any bodily injuries related to a car accident? This includes medical and chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, psychological and any other care necessary to restore you to pre-accident status. Most people don’t know that they have this coverage and assume that the car insurance is just for repair of the vehicle or property damage.

With health insurance deductibles getting higher and coverage gradually becoming more limited every year, this information is important to know, should you be involved in a car accident; YOU ARE A HUNDRED PERCENT COVERED! Untreated whiplash or other injuries can lead to long term problems and degenerative disc and joint changes in years to come. If you have an accident, it is important to get a thorough exam by a healthcare provider that is experienced in treating car accident-related injuries. The sooner care can be started- the better the outcome.

If you are severely injured, visit an emergency room for medical care. Mild to moderate injuries, that do not warrant a trip to the hospital, are best treated in a chiropractor clinic. The Brost Clinic has 35 years of experience in treating car accident-related injuries, combining gentle chiropractic care with acupuncture and massage therapy. We have x-ray as well as computerized thermal scan on site and easy access to MRI and CT scans, if necessary. Having treated thousands of car accident victims throughout the years, we are experienced with necessary documentation and communication with insurance companies and attorneys.

If you, or anyone you know, are involved in an accident, give us a call for a free consultation. We are here to help!

-Dr. Barbro Brost D.C.

Staying Healthy Through the Winter

Image 1 fall chiropractorThe summer is over and the days are getting shorter and darker. In Minnesota, we don’t get the benefit of natural Vitamin D from the sunshine this time of the year. Our immune system is dependent on adequate Vitamin D levels to function optimally, so supplementing Vitamin D through the darker time of the year is crucial. Other nutrients that are helpful, to enhance our natural immune defense is Vitamin C, Zinc and Quercetin, garlic and Echinacea are also good immune enhancers. Aside from COVID-19, there are always the usual cold and flu viruses circulating. It is impossible to totally avoid exposure while living everyday life, so the name of the game is to stay as strong and as resilient as possible to be able to fight off and recover as quickly as possible if you get attacked by a virus. Think of your immune system as your internal army that conquer and fight off invaders. The bigger and stronger your defense army is, the better you can handle an attack!
A healthy diet, low in sugar, regular exercise and chiropractic adjustments, to keep your body healthy and strong, decreases your risk of sickness significantly. Taking immune enhancing vitamins and supplements assure your immune “soldiers” can do their best work possible to keep you healthy.
A trip south to get some rest and natural sunshine Vitamin D is also a great idea in the winter when you live in Minnesota!

By Dr. Barbro Brost D.C.

Chiropractic: A Safe and Effective Treatment for Back Pain

A vast majority of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives, and most will suffer from low-back pain specifically.  Chiropractors are experts at treating back pain, and The Brost Clinic has been successfully treating Minnesotans with back pain since 1986.

Chiropractors treat back pain by finding the source of the pain, and treating it with chiropractic adjustments, or Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy, and other adjunctive therapies.  By gently adjusting the spine to relieve pressure on pinched nerves, a chiropractor can safely relieve your back pain.

More and more Americans are turning to chiropractic adjustments as treatment for back pain.  Studies show the increase in chiropractic treatment in the US, and the effectiveness of chiropractic spinal manipulation as treatment for lower back pain.

A 2015 Gallup study showed that more than half of Americans had visited a chiropractor in their lifetime, and most agree that chiropractic is an effective treatment for back and neck pain.

A study in The Journal of the American Medical Association showed improvements to pain and function in patients with acute low back pain treated with spinal manipulative therapy, which is the main type treatment offered by chiropractors.

Another study shows a “significant advantage for decreasing pain and improving function” to those who add chiropractic manipulative therapy to their standard medical care.

As you can see, the truth is out, and millions of Americans are turning to chiropractors to treat their back pain without the use of dangerous and addictive drugs.  If you’re ready to live pain and drug free, we’re here to help!

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