Neck Pain

neck pain treatment

Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain and stiffness is one of the most common pain conditions causing people to suffer silently.  The reason that the Minnesota company “My Pillow” is a huge success, is that neck pain and discomfort often bothers people at night and it is difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep.  A good pillow can be helpful, but the problem is most of the time not your pillow.  It’s your neck!  And The Brost Clinic chiropractors are neck pain treatment experts.

Sometimes the neck pain is more of a minor annoyance, but it can range to severe and debilitating.  Headaches can be associated with the pain, since all the nerves from your upper neck go up to your head.  Shoulder and arm pain or numbness can be part of the symptom picture.  Chiropractors are trained to look at your whole health picture, and treat the source of your pain.

So why is neck pain such a common problem?  Everyday stress on your neck, such as sitting at a computer or looking down on a cellphone can add up.  Lifting, and especially one sided activities, such as operating a machine or tool with your dominant hand or playing a one sided sport like tennis, cause the muscles to slowly pull on your spine in one direction.  This can eventually create enough pull to cause slight misalignments of the spine that produces nerve impingement, which usually worsens with time.

Long term effects if untreated

Accidents and injuries are also common reasons why the neck develops chronic discomfort and pain.  Many people have had car accidents in the past and left the injuries to heal on their own without proper care.  The long-term effects of untreated whiplash injuries according to research are:

  • Chronic neck pain
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal arthritis
  • Headaches or light-headedness
  • Loss of height
  • Loss of range of movements
  • Restless sleep

If you, or anyone you know, have chronic neck pain or discomfort or have recently been involved in a car accident, it is wise to consult with a good chiropractor who specializes in these injuries.  We all want to live a pain free, happy life and be able to partake in physical activities and sleep well, so take care of your neck – It’s the only one you got!

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