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What if you could significantly cut down on hospital visits by up to 60%? With a trusted clinic for chiropractic in Maple Grove, that’s a reality. The Brost Clinic is your hub for expert spinal care and holistic healing. Pain doesn’t have to rule your life.

Our practitioners pinpoint the root cause of your discomfort and guide you back to wellness with precision and care. No overbearing medical jargon here – just clear, simple solutions tailored for you. Welcome relief awaits at our clinic, where ease meets expertise.

Drop in today and begin anew toward your health journey! Experience family-centered treatment that redefines recovery expectations—right here in Maple Grove.

Maple Grove
Maple Grove

Our Chiropractic Services in Maple Grove

In Maple Grove, chiropractic care goes beyond expectations. Our top-tier wellness services alleviate your pain efficiently. Get tailored spine adjustments and soothing acupuncture in one spot. Need dietary guidance or foot orthotics? We cover that as well.

Healthcare should be accessible, period. Whether via insurance or our WellCare Plan, ease meets affordability here. Don’t let discomfort define you—unlock a life brimming with vitality.

Contact us to book an appointment and walk out feeling transformed! Your path to full-scale health rejuvenation begins today.

Back Pain Treatment

When back pain strikes, 40% of Americans turn to chiropractors. With us, you join the ranks of those seeking natural pain relief. We’ve mastered treatments for lasting freedom from low back pain and aim holistically at overall wellness for each unique patient.

Neck Pain

To banish neck pain, 20% seek chiropractic mastery. In Maple Grove, we excel at easing such discomfort. Be it a sports mishap or daily strain, expect effective relief here. Let’s set you squarely on the road to a pain-free path. 


Leg shooting pain hints at sciatica—often a nerve compression. We specialize in pinpointing and remedying this ailment. Our non-invasive techniques successfully return mobility, slashing pain significantly. Don’t let sciatica dictate your life’s pace; reclaim freedom with our support here in Maple Grove.

Headache Treatment

To conquer headaches, dive deeper than mere symptom relief. In Maple Grove, our chiropractors strike at the root of the pain. Embrace a medication-free path to lasting reprieve and enhanced living standards. Experience true liberation from the throes of headache woes with us by your side.

Lower Extremity Pain

If lower body pain disrupts your day, it’s time to act. Leg aches? Hip woes? Knee or foot troubles? We specialize in easing such pains at The Brost Clinic. Say farewell to restriction and hello again to freedom of movement. Step into life with comfort once more—let us guide you back on track.

Upper Extremity Pain

While 75% of upper limb disorders elude easy diagnosis, relief isn’t far. In Maple Grove, our experts handle the complexity of all kinds of upper-body pain. We’re adept at aligning your joints for pain-free daily function. Release joint pressure to reclaim health and comfort with us.

Shoulder tension? Elbow soreness? Wrist ache? Consider them addressed with precision care here in town—no need for distress or delay any longer. Walk into a world where upper extremity woes are skillfully relieved—you deserve it.

Car Accident Injury

Car wrecks often leave unseen scars. Nearly 33% of victims turn to chiropractic care for healing—a testament to its efficacy. That is why we specialize in treating these injuries with the utmost care.

If left untreated, it fosters chronic pain or hamper movement. Instead, choose restoration with our adjustments: a true rebalance for your body’s harmony and natural recovery processes. 


Across the US, over 10 million acupuncture sessions unfold annually, hinting at its profound impact. Here in Maple Grove, our chiropractors meld this age-old practice with modern precision. Acupuncture reaches beyond what’s seen—targeting elusive conditions that often bypass conventional detection.

Ready for transformation? Our acupuncture service offers a path to deep healing and a keen diagnosis. Find us locally; explore an ancient technique revived through expert hands—to rejuvenate your health thoroughly.

Massage Therapy

Feel the grip of muscle tension loosen with our massage therapy. Athletes and weary bodies alike find solace under our therapists’ skilled hands. Pain fades, relaxation blooms—our methods are tried and trusted by those who perform at their peak.

Seeking ease from stress? Let us usher you into tranquility through touch. Professionals choose this for recovery; now it’s your turn. Secure your slot online and discover what true relief feels like.


Embark on a curated path to healing and empower your body. We’ll help you retrain your muscles and bring balance back with each careful motion.

The pain subsides, and function returns under our trainers’ watchful eyes. We tailor rehab plans for personal strides toward peak health. Dedicated care supports every step you take down the recovery lane.

Spinal Decompression

Say goodbye to back and neck pain with spinal decompression therapy. Pioneer in Minnesota, we bring the revolutionary DRX-9000 treatment right to your doorstep. Escape the grip of spinal pain without surgical intervention.

Let lumbar discomfort be a thing of your past. Countless have found solace through this path-breaking care—and now it’s accessible to you. Transformative relief awaits; elevate your life beyond chronic pain.


Embrace a future free from pain and full of vitality with The Brost Clinic in Maple Grove. Your wellness odyssey starts with our chiropractic precision, where each treatment is as unique as you are.

From the grip of back and neck discomfort to proactive well-being strategies—we’ve got it all. Personalized care plans underpin your journey toward systemic harmony and enduring health triumphs.

Connect now; delve into treatments aligned meticulously with your life’s pace. Call or visit online—explore how we champion your fullest potential for robust living.

Maple Grove isn’t just a place—it’s where healing meets hope, step by thoughtful step.

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