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Are you grappling with persistent pain or seeking a pathway to better health? To get the best care, The Brost Clinic is your go-to choice! We deliver top-tier care for chiropractic in Hamel that does more than alleviate symptoms; they transform lifestyles. Embrace an approach where personalized care is the mantra, shaped by leading-edge practices. Achieve a life free from discomfort and embark on a wellness voyage with us. Ready to make a change? Step through our doors, and let the healing begin. Schedule your transformative session now! 


Our Chiropractic Services in Hamel

Experience premier chiropractic care in Hamel at The Brost Clinic. We offer comprehensive services to improve your well-being, from pain relief to lifestyle enhancements. Our expert adjustments, advanced non-surgical treatments, and personalized wellness plans set us apart. Benefit from acupuncture, specialized nutritional guidance, and effective spinal disc decompression without the need for surgery.

For the active and on-the-move, we provide custom-made foot orthotics and conduct DOT exams onsite. Our WellCare Plan ensures affordability, and we’re compatible with numerous insurance providers. Elevate your health journey with us, where vitality and top-quality care unite.

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain can be a persistent burden, but there’s a path to relief. In Hamel, skilled practitioners design effective treatments tailored to soothe and heal your back. Expect gentle, focused care aimed at providing durable respite from discomfort. Embrace a state of wellness with specialized back pain therapies; your spine will thank you.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can disrupt your daily life, whether resulting from athletic activities or long hours at a desk. Expert chiropractors in Hamel provide rapid relief for that persistent soreness. Tailored to your unique situation, we chart a precise course for your journey away from pain. We guide you towards recuperation and lasting comfort.


A sharp tingling in your leg could signal sciatica, a condition where nerve irritation causes discomfort. In Hamel, seasoned chiropractic professionals specialize in mitigating this common issue adeptly, offering non-invasive solutions. Expect to reclaim your mobility and enjoy a life free from the confines of sciatic pain, all without the need for surgical intervention.

Headache Treatment

Relentless headaches are a common plight, affecting over half the population worldwide. Chiropractic care in Hamel zeroes in on the underlying issues, offering lasting reprieve. Forsake quick, fleeting remedies for our natural, medication-free approach, and watch as your days of headaches fade away.

Lower Extremity Pain

Discomfort in the lower extremities—legs, hips, knees, and feet—shouldn’t dictate your life’s limits. Chiropractic experts in Hamel adeptly tackle such pains. Overcome discomfort with targeted care that empowers your recovery. Step into a routine free from pain and regain your stride once again. Now, optimal treatment for lower body pain is within reach.

Upper Extremity Pain

Shoulder, elbow, and wrist pains can hijack the comfort of your daily life. Our chiropractic prowess in Hamel focuses on these problems with expert precision. We skillfully adjust to alleviate stress and discomfort. With personalized care, you can achieve peak wellness for your upper extremities. Welcome back the joy of unrestricted movement with each session.

Car Accident Injury

Accidents can leave you entangled in persistent aches, but life doesn’t have to revolve around pain. Chiropractic professionals in Hamel confront the aftermath of auto injuries with seasoned expertise. If you’re struggling with whiplash, we provide the necessary care. Through precise adjustments, we help subdue pain, reduce inflammation, and naturally activate recovery. Act promptly—early chiropractic intervention can help prevent lasting pain. Jump-start your journey back to comfort and well-being.


Delving into the realm of wellness, consider the centuries-old practice of acupuncture. In Hamel, skilled chiropractors harness this time-honored technique for profound healing effects. Our experts are adept at uncovering and addressing health issues that often escape the conventional medical radar. You can experience the significant advantages of acupuncture’s: precise, traditional healing fused with contemporary expertise, all targeting your body’s specific needs. Look forward to a session that will bring relief and balance, guided by practitioners well-versed in this delicate art.

Massage Therapy

Transition into a state of peace through massage therapy in Hamel. Proficient therapists unravel the tension in your muscles, cultivating a deep sense of stillness. Whether you’re an athlete with strained muscles or a desk worker burdened by stiffness, relief can be found here. Pain diminishes as relaxation takes root. And enjoy the unfolding of tranquility with every session.


Healing extends well beyond initial treatments, and rehabilitation in Hamel stands as a cornerstone. Personalized exercise regimens are meticulously developed to fortify strength and reestablish balance. Skilled trainers guide you through movements and stretches crafted to address the root of pain. Rehabilitation equates to more than mere recovery; it signifies a customized journey toward a harmonious state of health. Rediscover the ability to move freely with therapies designed to harmonize your body’s natural wellness.

Spinal Decompression

Say goodbye to back and neck pain through cutting-edge spinal decompression technology. Leading in Minnesota, we offer DRX-9000 therapy, a non-invasive route to alleviating discomfort. Research highlights success rates for decompression in diminishing pain and enhancing life quality, ranging from 40% to 86%. Embrace this blend of scientific advancement and comfort; it’s a powerful ally in conquering spinal distress. Welcome a new posture of ease and stand resilient against back and neck challenges.


Begin your journey to wellness in Hamel, where personalized health experiences are designed with you at the center. Tackle pain, engage in preventative care, or pursue your health goals; our doors are open to help you along the journey of healing. Customized plans and specific adjustments are prepared to sync with your body’s needs and reinforce lasting vitality. 

So, are you prepared to make a commitment to ongoing health? Connect with us; together, we’ll shape a healthier future. Discover more on our website and join a thriving community committed to feeling excellent every day.

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