My first patient this morning was a cute, one year old girl that I saw for the first time two weeks ago. At that time she was miserable and so were her parents. Over the past 5-6 months she had suffered from ear infections that were not clearing up. She had been on five different antibiotics and the parents were at their wits end and very sleep deprived!

I examined her and she had very red and bulging eardrums. She also had subluxations in her upper neck, where the nerve supply is to the ears. She was adjusted, got a homeopathic remedy, was taken off dairy products and wheat. This morning, two weeks and six adjustments later, her ears are totally cleared up, she sleeps 12 hours a night, she is a happy girl and so are her parents!

This is what makes my work very rewarding.

Barbro Brost DC

plymouth's #1 chiropractor

Dr. Barbro Brost