Can Chiropractic Help Pinched Nerves

Can chiropractic help pinched nerves? It is often asked of chiropractors when someone experiences symptoms of pinched nerves. This discomforting condition affects all age groups, including athletes and office workers.

Pinched nerves occur when too much pressure is applied to surrounding tissues (like muscles, tendons, and bones), thereby compressing the associated nerve endings that run through these tissues. The main reasons for this kind of pathological problem could be many things, like repetitive motions or some long-term illness such as arthritis.

In order to truly understand the answer to our primary question, we have prepared this blog on chiropractic care. You’ll get to learn everything there is to know about the chiropractic treatment of pinched nerves.

Common Symptoms of Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves result from nerve compression or irritation and often manifest themselves with symptoms, including pain, numbness, and tingling in the affected areas. Common symptoms associated with pinched nerves:

– Shooting pain
– Numbness or tingling sensation
– Muscular weakness
– Loss of reflexes
– Difficulty moving certain parts of the body
– Tingling sensations throughout the body

According to research cited by Harvard Health Publishing, around 85% of men and women experience occasional back problems. If you experience any of these symptoms for more than a few days and they seem to worsen, then seeking chiropractic care could be beneficial.

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How Chiropractic Care Alleviates Pinched Nerve Pain?

A nerve that is pinched or compressed may result in nerve pain and other symptoms, including numbness in the affected region. Chiropractic treatment methods can help relieve your pain by targeting the root cause of the issue with gentle adjustments to remove pressure on the nerves that surround your spine. 

This process aligns your musculoskeletal system correctly to prevent pressure on your joints and soft tissues that contribute to this kind of pain. 

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Pinched Nerves

You can experience severe discomfort from pinched nerves. It can happen in different parts of our body, like the wrist, neck, and upper extremities. But chiropractic treatment has been proven to be an effective solution to treating this issue.

Check out these benefits!

Relief from pain: Chiropractors specialise in addressing the root cause of a pinched nerve, which helps you feel better with pain relief!

Non-invasive treatment: Chiropractic care offers an alternative way of treating pinched nerves without surgery or medication that requires your involvement.

Improved posture: Poor posture can be one of the primary sources of pinched nerves. By helping you fix your posture, chiropractic care can prevent further damage to the affected areas.

Research has shown that over 50% of patients treated by chiropractors have experienced significant relief in comparison to only 27% who received standard medical interventions. Chiropractor Dr. Axelrad stated, “Our goal as healthcare practitioners should be not just managing an individual’s symptoms but bringing them back to optimal health” (Toronto Star).

Effective Techniques for Pinched Nerve Relief

Looking for effective ways to reduce pinched nerve distress? Simple changes, such as adjusting your posture and following ergonomic suggestions, as well as focused stretching exercises and heat/cold treatment, can help ease symptoms. Let’s go through how these approaches can help you in greater depth.

  • Posture Correction and Ergonomic Tips

Correcting your posture and following ergonomic tips can help reduce the pressure on your nerves. Research shows that maintaining proper spinal alignment can prevent pinched nerves caused by poor posture.

Simple adjustments such as keeping a straight back, choosing chairs with good lumbar support, and taking breaks during long sitting sessions may provide relief from symptoms associated with pinched nerves in your neck or back.

  • Targeted Stretching Exercises for Pinched Nerves

By applying targeted pressure to the affected area and increasing flexibility and blood flow, stretching exercises can help relieve pinched nerve pain. For instance, stretching your neck and upper back can relieve pain caused by cervical spine problems. 

Combined with chiropractic adjustments, stretching could also improve musculoskeletal system health for long-term relief of nerve compression symptoms.

  • Heat and Cold Therapy for Pain Management

Heat and cold therapy are effective methods for managing pinched nerve pain. Applying ice packs or a cold compress reduces inflammation, while heat increases blood flow and relaxes muscles to reduce stiffness.

Chiropractic Treatment Options for Pinched Nerves

Pinch nerve pain can be one of the main sources of nerve discomfort that has been bothering you for an extended period of time. Chiropractic can offer relief! But which treatments exist specifically? Let’s discover!

  • Manual Adjustments and Spinal Manipulation

These treatments for pinched nerves are among the most frequently chosen chiropractic remedies! With gentle manipulation techniques, your chiropractor can correct any misalignments in your spine or joints that could be pressurising an affected nerve and contributing to its compression.

The goal of these manipulations is to relieve pressure on the nerves and reduce the inflammation surrounding them.  

  • Soft Tissue Therapy and Massage Techniques

By targeting muscles, tendons, and ligaments near an affected area, chiropractors can help ease any tension contributing to pressure on nerves. Soft tissue therapy and massage treatments may also increase blood circulation for improved healing in these specific spots.

A study conducted by the Palmer Centre for Chiropractic Research found that soft tissue massage helped alleviate neck pain in patients with pinched nerve symptoms.

Preventing Pinched Nerves and Promoting Spinal Health

We all wish to live a life free of pain and discomfort, right? And one simple way we can achieve that is by making some changes in our daily habits. Let’s explore more ways through which you can keep your spinal health on track!

  • Lifestyle Adjustments and Healthy Habits

Want to keep yourself away from the agonising pain of pinched nerves? Making small adjustments in your daily routine can go a long way. Small things such as sitting straight, taking breaks after long periods of sitting or standing, and sleeping with proper posture are some examples that can help prevent pressure on the nerves.  

Maintaining a healthy weight through exercise and an ergonomic office setup can also reduce pressure on the nerves. These simple changes help promote spinal health in day-to-day life.

  • Exercises and Practises to Maintain Spinal Flexibility

Including stretching and exercise in your daily routine can actually make a huge difference in maintaining spinal health, promoting flexibility, and reducing the risk of experiencing any nerve-related issues. By stretching regularly, you allow your muscles to stay loose so they won’t compress any surrounding nerves enveloping your spinal cord.

Incorporating simple stretches such as neck rotations or shoulder shrugs into your routine can help keep you pain-free while keeping you flexible. A chiropractor can provide guidance on exercises specific to any underlying spinal condition or issue you may have, providing individualised treatment plans tailored for optimal results.

Choosing the Right Chiropractor for Pinched Nerve Treatment

Can Chiropractic Help Pinched Nerves

Getting in touch with the right chiropractor for pinched nerve treatment is crucial to finding effective relief!

Here at The Brost Clinic, our chiropractors specialise in diagnosing and treating pinched nerves at their root cause. We can relieve pressure on affected nerves and surrounding tissues by using gentle yet effective techniques like chiropractic adjustments to prevent further issues from recurring.

Our team takes great care in customising an individual treatment plan tailored specifically to each of our patients’ individual needs. It offers non-invasive therapies that help promote healing while also helping restore optimal functionality in the body.

Don’t suffer from chronic pain caused by an irritated or compressed nerve any longer! Visit The Brost Clinic in Minnesota today for top-quality care that will get you back on track to becoming your best!


Chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial if you seek treatment on time for your pinched nerves. With non-invasive practises and medication-free solutions, visiting a chiropractor is an excellent way to relieve pain and address the root cause of the issue. 

By using gentle adjustments, chiropractors can alleviate pressure on affected areas and promote proper alignment, leading to optimal results through customised treatment plans that cater to individual needs. 

Don’t hesitate; seek out the Brost Clinic for specialised treatment today so you can feel better tomorrow!

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