can a chiropractor help si joint pain

Are you in need of assistance with persistent low back pain? In that case, it’s possible that you’re experiencing sacroiliac joint pain. Regretfully, many people are impacted by this issue each year. As you keep looking for reliable treatment options, you might hear about chiropractic care, a natural, non-invasive procedure to treat musculoskeletal problems.

A chiropractor can assist in addressing your SI joint pain and design treatment plans that may significantly enhance your general quality of life. So, let’s understand this particular spinal issue and explore precisely how can a chiropractor help SI joint pain.

What Is Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

The meeting point of your pelvis and sacrum is the sacroiliac joints or SI joints. One common condition affecting these joints is called sacroiliac joint pain. When you look at someone with such problems from the back, you would notice dimples above their SI joints at the base of the spine.

The cartilage in the SI joints holds them together; it will expand if one or both of the joints are misaligned. This may stress the bone, leading to uncomfortable and misaligned joints. Your doctor may refer to the inflammation in your SI joint(s) as sacroiliitis. A persistent misalignment of the SI joint may cause this disorder.

What Are the Main Causes of Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

Pain in the SI joint can have a few typical reasons. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes. Over time, the cartilage in your joints may entirely wear away due to the excessive wear and strain they receive. Osteoarthritis can result from such an issue, and the spine is frequently affected by this ailment.

SI joint pain can also result from a severe injury. The damage can occur from a fall from a height that lands on your hip. Alternatively, for example, if your knees hit the dashboard during a car collision, you may have an injury to the SI joint.

What Symptoms Does Sacroiliac Joint Pain Show?

As with other disorders, SI joint discomfort may show itself in many ways. You might occasionally experience lower back pain, and in many situations, you could feel pain that travels down your leg and into your lower abdomen. If you sit for extended periods of time, the discomfort worsens when you try to rise.

Numbness or tingling may also be symptoms of SI joint discomfort. Your leg or hip may feel like it’s pins and needles. You might also think your legs aren’t sturdy enough to hold your body up. These are all signs of pain in the SI joint.

can chiropractors help si joint pain

How Can a Chiropractor Help SI Joint Pain?

Since SI joint pain is very curable, especially if detected early on, chiropractors can diagnose and design the right plan for your SI joint pain relief. Chiropractic adjustment is one of the most successful methods for reducing joint pain and swelling. It is well-acknowledged to be a very safe and non-invasive treatment for patients.

The following are the primary methods in which a chiropractor can assist you in managing your SI joint pain:

  • Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation

Chiropractors have long used spinal manipulation or high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) thrust to treat sacroiliitis. Your chiropractor will ask you to lie on your side and apply pressure to your SI joints while performing this adjustment. You’ll hear a clicking sound when the oxygen leaves your joints after the movement is complete. While some find this sound soothing, others find it unsettling. If you don’t think spinal manipulation is suitable for you, you can try mobilization.

  • Spinal Mobilization

Spinal mobilization is a technique that uses mild spine movements to treat SI joint pain. This method seeks to improve sacroiliac joint flexibility and reduce pain near the lower back. Spinal mobilization relieves pressure on the SI joint.

It also encourages appropriate alignment by making little modifications. This method is thought to be beneficial for both pain management and enhancing the joint’s general function.

  • Gentle Chiropractic Technique

Padded “blocks” of various sizes and shapes are strategically positioned beneath the body. When the patient is face down, a chiropractor can use the block’s gravity to gently realign the sacroiliac joint and other affected areas rather than using force alone.

The patient inhales deeply to help with the adjustment as the chiropractor gently pulls one leg at a particular angle. Gravity can help with the adjustment when utilizing a “drop” technique. This method uses a unique chiropractic tool that contains pieces that can be raised and dropped simultaneously with the thrust.

  • Muscle Relaxation Techniques

Light chiropractic treatments frequently include the use of muscle relaxation techniques. This helps to release the sacroiliac joint’s tight muscles and excessive stress. Two more techniques chiropractors may employ to relieve stiff muscles are massage and hot packs.

One possible cause of pain could be tense muscles around the sacroiliac joint. Deep breathing techniques and gentle stretches will help relax these muscles and ease discomfort by reducing strain on the joint. It’s as if you’re giving the muscles a vacation and allowing them to unwind around the SI joint.

  • Muscle Strengthening Techniques

Techniques for strengthening muscles can help with SI joint pain. Exercises focusing on the pelvis’s lower back and surrounding muscles aid in removing the sacroiliac joint. Because of its stability, the joint experiences less strain, which can reduce discomfort.

Leg raises, bridges, and core movements are simple workouts that develop SI joints. Recall that consistent practice and slow advancement in these exercises improve lower back health.

  • Adjunctive Therapy

To relieve sacroiliac joint pain, a chiropractor could also suggest auxiliary therapy. Pain relief for the patient is the aim of adjunctive treatment. It also aids in function improvement and rehabilitation. Plus, it reduces the likelihood that the pain will recur.

Pain arises from either excessive or insufficient mobility of the sacroiliac joint. Because of this, chiropractic therapy may be beneficial in helping to strengthen or relax the muscles that surround the joint.


To sum up, the answer to the question “Can a chiropractor help SI joint pain?” is a definite yes. Seeking treatment from a qualified chiropractor can provide significant relief from pain in the sacroiliac joint. Specialists like The Brost Clinic are eligible to diagnose and design treatment plans for this particular type of lower back pain.

We enable people of all ages to achieve optimal health. We also offer a natural, all-encompassing solution to SI joint problems by applying chiropractic procedures. Trust us to ensure a road for you to a pain-free and healthy existence. Visit our chiropractic professionals today to improve your health significantly.

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