The white Minnesota winter can be beautiful on a cold, sunny day. A winter sunrise over Wayzata Bay is something to behold! But winter can also be dangerous. Slippery roads and icy walk ways set the stage for both slip and fall injuries and car accidents. Shoveling snow is tough on your back, even starting a snow blower can cause a back injury. Ice skating is fun but a fall on the hard ice can cause damage. Sledding down a hill, hitting bumps can cause back and neck injuries, especially for parents and grandparents who try to keep up with their kids! Skiing or snowboarding is great exercise but, again, if you fall, you can get hurt.

IMG 8475We clearly can’t live in fear of possible injuries. We need to get out to enjoy and have fun in the snow! But, if injuries happen know that good chiropractic care can help speed up the healing process!

If you hurt after shoveling snow, have a fall or end up in a car accident, the team of chiropractors at The Brost Clinic have your back! We have the experience and the equipment to get you back to feeling good again.

If you have a car accident, even a fender bender or a slip and fall, getting in or out of your vehicle, you are covered for any resulting care needed under your car insurance policy in Minnesota. We always recommend an exam even for minor injuries, since they can develop into more severe problems if untreated.

So, enjoy the snow and the beautiful winter season with the comfort of knowing that we are here to help if you should need us!

-Dr. Barbro Brost D.C.

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